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You might have noticed community fruit and vege stands or free food pantries popping up on your streets recently? People all over New Zealand are joining together to share produce and food within their local communities. These little sharing hubs are encouraging neighbours to gather once more and wonderful things are happening.

I realised quite early on that it was difficult for the general public to navigate all the community stands and street pantry facebook groups around New Zealand and that we all needed a place to shine together.  I’ve created this community website with that purpose in mind, making it easier for people to find their local stands nationwide and making it easier for people to promote their own street stands to their local community.


I was originally inspired to set up our community stand by a “Good Sorts” news item I saw on TV about Mark Dennis who started the Community Fruit and Vege Group. Thanks Mark for the inspiration.

Although our stand started off as a community fruit and vege focussed stand, I decided to just let our Sharing Stand evolve into what the community needed. We now have fruit, veges, fresh herbs, tinned food, general food items, plants and more. The content ebbs and flows, changing daily and it has certainly put a smile on a few faces already. 

I think whether your focus is on sharing excess vegetables and fruit from the garden and being less wasteful or sharing general food items and helping to feed people that might need help right now, the underlying intentions are similar. Everyday people are out there right now creating community spirit and are making a difference in their own small way. The momentum is building and great things are happening around our country, so lets showcase that.



We value your feedback on our directory project, email us with any suggestions or ideas you might have. 

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