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Sharing tree

Great idea. I’m keen as! How do I get involved?

Why not try the idea out first in your area with a temporary stand?
We started three weeks ago with a temporary stand to see how the Sharing Stand idea went in our area. 
The response has been amazing and the community so supportive we’ll be building a permanent stand really soon. So just jump on in and do it.

You might find that once its up and running people think it’s such a good community idea that they might offer to help you build one. Many hands make light work and all that stuff. 

How to Build A Community Stand?

Hammer and nails to build a community stand

There are building plans available on the internet to get you started. When designing your own you need to think about things like weather, height off the ground, position of stand so donations are sheltered from the elements and durability. If you’re handy with tools get stuck in and build one yourself, try and use as many recycled elements as you can. Ask neighbours and the community for spare materials they may have laying around.   

I’ll be providing links to some plans and ideas soon.

If you’re not so handy but would love a stand outside, our advice is to ask around in your local community. Try places like your local high school woodwork class, The Men’s Shed, local builders, and offer to place a small sponsorship sign on your stand as advertising for them. No harm in asking.

Which online groups do I join?

The group that originally started the ball rolling in NZ was the  Community Fruit & Vege Group . The Community Fruit & Vege group has a focus on fruit and veges and sharing excess from people’s gardens. 

There are now various other groups located around New Zealand to join and find support with various facebook groups popping up all over the place now. Whether your focus is on zero waste, food insecurity or something else there are plenty of Facebook groups to get involved with. 

Our advice is to network with the groups that suit your own focus or the needs of the community that you’re in.

Community Fruit and Vege Stands

Community fruit and vege stands

Here’s some great advice from the Community Fruit and Vege group on building stands as featured on the Love Food Hate Waste website

Love Food Hate Waste
Click on photo above to check it out 

You can contact Mark Dennis of Community Fruit and Vege Stands here

Our stand is built and ready to go!  How do I let our locals know that we’re open?

free food add a listing

Step 1: Create a listing on our Free Food Directory website

For full instructions on how to create a listing head to our “How To” page

How to create your free listing 

Create a listing for your Free Food project

Step 2: Facebook, instagram and flyers for delivery 

  • Create a facebook page and an instagram account. Do some shameless community pantry self promotion. I found every community group I could on facebook in our local area and posted about our stand with daily updates. Then people started sharing the idea with friends and family and people started to support us.
Facebook and Instagram logos
Facebook and Instagram
  • Neighbourly also has a classified ‘free’ section and posting there also worked wonders for us. After a few posts people started to come.
  • Vistaprint is also great for printing off cheap flyers to hand out around your local neighbourhood. Just start telling everyone you can think of …and the people will come.