Gifting & Collecting

Take what you need,

give what you can

& please be mindful of others.

This motto is the ethos behind our own community stand and its probably the same for most of the stands around New Zealand. Please keep this in mind when visiting your local community stand.

Health and Safety

Health & Safety is of utmost importance when it comes to food and food stands. 

When gifting fresh fruit and vegetables or general food items there are a few things to be mindful of:

health and safety on community stands
  • Please make sure that the food you drop off is good condition (you would eat it yourself) and within expiry dates before leaving it at a community stand.
  • If you’re dropping off freshly made biscuits please make sure they are in a waterproof container and dated with a list of ingredients. 
  • Likewise with preserves please name, date and add a list of ingredients.
  • If you drop off eggs please write the date on them that they were collected or a best before date.


Please also check that the food you are collecting is in good condition and within expiry dates.

Although community stands are regularly checked, stand caretakers can’t monitor the stands 24/7. Please remember to check food items thoroughly yourself.

Be Mindful 

Please be mindful that our stands are for everyone in the community to use, please respect them and leave them in a tidy condition after you use them.

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